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Who IS that?

I love transformation stories. The movie “Princess Diaries” for example… if you haven’t seen it, it’s about a fifteen year Continue Reading

18 inches

When I began my personal healing journey, I possessed a lot of knowledge about what was going wrong in my Continue Reading

No fair!

If you’ve been around small children (ever), you know they don’t have to be taught to desire fairness. I remember Continue Reading

I don’t need you to like this post

I used to hate public speaking. Several times in the early years of ministry, I was given opportunities to teach, Continue Reading

Honoring one of my heroes

My pastor exhorted us yesterday to create a culture of honor in a society where sarcasm, trash talk and disrespect Continue Reading

Goodbye Eeyore!

At breakfast yesterday, my boys were uncharacteristically droopy. Brennan seemed to be the victim of elevated gravity in the room, Continue Reading

Is your joy hidden behind a cloud?

Yesterday was a brilliantly sunny day. I took a walk in the afternoon, and played in the leaves with my Continue Reading

Don’t help them!

I got this weird picture in my head when I was walking the neighborhood a few days ago. I’ll tell Continue Reading

The Grumpy Old Man and his dumb dog

I was thoroughly chastened by an experience the other day. There’s this guy in our neighborhood that I’ve felt like Continue Reading